Tuesday, January 30, 2007

shotgun willie

lately, i've been listening to a lot of willie nelson, and although i'd listened before, it all really came about over christmas when i borrowed my mom's car. yes, normally i would never be taking musical cues from my parents (especially not my mother, who usually has the same 6 cds in her car for months), but that's how it happened.

now at certian moments of extreme pain or embarassment, you'd be willing to trade lives with anyone. as a rule though, the list shortens when you aren't under duress. i try to shy away from this kind of thinking, but if i could trade lives with anyone, i think willie nelson's life would probably be the most interesting, if not necessarily the most enjoyable. make great music, meet interesting people, travel all over the country and the world, consume large quantities of drugs and alcohol, and still be kicking around and respected, with enough movie cameos to allow me to never play another concert should i so desire. i would take all that, even with the bankruptcy/tax evasion problems.

then again, i think it's somewhat of a sign of a weak human being if you'd be willing to throw away all your experiences to have someone else's life. i guess it becomes palatable if you've had a somewhat boring existence, but i'm not sure i qualify. so maybe this particular instance points to my inherent weakness, although as i added i try to avoid this kind of thinking. you be the judge.

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