Tuesday, June 26, 2007

jheri curl alert

the rub djs are always rockin' it out in brooklyn and around the globe. unfortunately, i've never made it out to a rub party or been able to check any of them live. although i like to get down, my nyc friends aren't really down like that, and i've never been able to motivate much. not that i pushed too hard i guess.

but whenever they have a mixtape drop, i'm up on it. given that we've just hit the first day of summer (and it almost hit 100 in DC today), wanna pop out and throw back to a classic summer mix that dropped this past. from their own dj eleven comes summer madness, a collection of funky, laid back cuts that perfectly fit that summer aesthetic. this was the precursor to his winter sadness mix that i sent off to my boy after we hit that bad winter stretch in january. although similarly amazing, thankfully we've turned the corner and summer is back. now get out there! tracklist

Thursday, June 14, 2007

the unbanal drollery of spectrum auctions

I don't think I could agree more with this sentiment by Kevin Drum about the upcoming 700 Mhz spectrum allocation auction. Political issues can be boring enough as it is for the average person, but I think telecommunications policy faces some additional hurdles to being relevant to the public. I hope above all that some politician, preferably a presidential candidate, can turn this into a viable issue. The ramifications for the public sphere, for innovation, and for consumer choice and service improvement, could not be more clear. via MY

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