Friday, January 19, 2007

a little bit (on the) country

smart people of course can deduce quite a bit from the title and URL of this blog (assuming you know a bit about washington, dc) , and may in fact come to some additional conclusions that may in fact not be unwarranted.

the title and URL came about as my lamentations about my neighborhood have grown greater. just something that had been on my mind, and served as a snappy title and whatnot. needless to say though, this will not be some lame neighborhood blog about all the random crap that annoys me, or something that will be full of NIMBY-esque proclamations about what should and shouldn't be going on in columbia heights.

rather, this will just be a lame blog generally (aren't they all these days. especially those that are started in 2007!); general interest i guess would be a category, and by general interest, i mean my interests.

that being said, i do have some forthcoming posts about columbia heights related stuff. so stay tuned.

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