Wednesday, September 26, 2007

back to...1980s nostalgia blogging

i was just talking about 3-2-1 contact and mathnet the other day. and i totally remember that fat boys one billion song, especially the chorus. i was jumping around the house singin' that all day. i think i drove my mom nuts.


Nikki said...

Seriously. You really took me back with these videos. I always tell myself I was deprived of television as a child, since my parents confined my sister and me mostly to PBS and eventually Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel (when it came on for free once a year). But, f’real. I remember all of these. Not only that, but this made me remember all of the truly ridiculous plays and choreographed dance routines my sister and I used to put on at home back in the day. Hopefully you can’t relate. To the dance routine part, that is. But I digress. Two shows you’re missing: 1) Today’s Special and 2) Pinwheel. Please tell me you remember those.

looj said...

haha. can't relate to the dance routines but i was certainly a whirlwind around the house. i myself had broadcast tv only (4 channels!) until the age of 15, and then only limited basic until college. such deprivation.

i don't remember today's special or pinwheel. nickelodeon shows? i definitely missed out on that.

Nikki said...

say it ain’t so. today’s special and pinwheel are like nickelodeon classics. so i’m just gonna take a deep breath and pretend like you didn’t just say that. of course it’s not really your fault. and you prolly didn’t miss out on much. other than a childhood (kidding, of course). but either way, it’s still fun to reminisce.